Because you are one of our sisters suffering in an abusive marriage.

Because the longer you stay under emotional abuse, the more you will be made feel worthless.

Because the longer you wait, the less you will be able to recover your self-esteem.

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We know that even the strongest, most resourceful woman can be crushed under constant:

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Ask Yourself: Have You Ever Been Here?

"At first, he would make ironic jokes about me to his friends; they would always laugh at me, saying I would poison them all with my "lousy cooking." Then, when I complained about their jokes, he got furious and began yelling at me! He said that I was trying to cut him off from his friends.

From that day on, the sarcastic and negative comments began. He humiliates me and screams at me for the littlest things, whether other people are present or not. Whatever I do to please him, it has no impact on his reactions to me. When he gets totally mad at me, he can be silent for weeks, and I feel desperate and lost. I have nobody to talk to... There are no relatives or friends around me, because he has managed to alienate me from the people I love."

Many women have recovered their self-esteem and joy using our program!

You may be here...

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But you could be here!

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Do you remember this happening to you too?

You lived for years under the confusing behavior from your husband. Brutal verbal attacks were mixed so often with some soft romantic words that you were constantly left in a fog. Didn't it seem sometimes like your strongest emotion was fear, but at other times love? What about that terrifying mix of both, like living with Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

What hurts you the most?

  • His negative, harsh words about your role as wife and/or mother?
    You having to apologize to him, because you are "always wrong"?
    Seeing him take pleasure in humiliating you in public?
    The empty feeling inside you, making you feel as if you don't know who you are any more?

By reading our book, you'll find your situation described so clearly, that you'll realize three important things:

  • His behavior is emotional abuse at its worst,
    It is all about control of you, not love (as your gut told you all the time)
    You need to demand respect to be able to value your own life.

Today, after reading this book, you won't just have the power to escape abuse - you will learn to defend yourself against it becoming a self-loving, centered and happy woman and human being.

Leaving abuse behind, and living an amazing life despite it, is not easy. But lots of women have found the courage to do exactly that, by discovering their own power to stand up to humiliating and denigrating words, by remembering how valuable they are, and by defining their own lives and projects by themselves.

This book will change your life, giving you the strength you need to empower yourself, repair your self-esteem and have the happy life you dream.

Through this book, you will:

Discover how and why your partner's abuse destroys your self-esteem
Decide if you'll stop his abuse by staying, or leaving him
Plan how to create a fulfilling life, and remember your life purpose

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Take a look at how your life will change!

1. You will understand abuse as control game

You don't confuse it with 'love' any more

2. You will understand why he needs to control you by abusive means

It's not about what you do or are, but what he's learned from his childhood

3. You will learn to refuse his controlling ways

You recover some self-respect - he will never have the right to abuse you!

4. You learn to find options around his dominance

You force him to respect you, because now that you respect yourself

5. And, if you choose, you will leave safely

You recover your own life!


Recover From Emotional Abuse Book

Remember that this book has everything you need to heal your life and take charge!

What Our Readers Say:
You Can Decode His Mind Games!

  • Dr. Nora,

    I wanted to share with you... Because of the way I was raised at home, I never really had much confidence (even in adulthood). Bad body image, thinking I was too stupid for school, fearing no one would love me... I didn't have much self-esteem, as you can see. So, when my husband was making fun of me with his friends, (I was "slow" I was "fat") I was even more blind to the abuse... because I had been thinking about myself in that harsh, mean way before I met him! It's been hard to separate my self-criticism from what he creates, now that his own friends have taken the freedom to joke about me... But by baby steps, I learned to recognize what he was doing, and that is sheer abuse! All thanks to your book!

What Our Readers Say:
You Can Stop His Abuse!

  • Dear Nora,

    I would have never even thought that my husband abused me out of fear. The first time I read that in your book, I thought, don't kid with me. But I began looking into his past and talking to his family members, and discovered some wounds he had never told me about.
    Once I realized this abuse was about redirecting his fear into me, a "willing" vessel, I was furious! That part was hard, because as a kid in my family no one ever raised their voice or made conflict. I had to rehearse a confrontation by myself in the car, so that I could say, "You're hurting me!" without my voice breaking. I think I healed myself more in those moments, repeating it and letting it be true, than when I actually said it to his face.

What Our Readers Say:
You Can Get Your Life Back!

  • Dr. Nora,

    After reading your book, I made the decision to leave my abusive husband, even though I was terrified. He had kept me down by telling me I would end up on the street, homeless.

    Living through those first weeks without him was scary, a couple of times I was ready to apologize to him and ask him to take me back... He also kept texting me and whining about missing me - sometimes I was even wanting to run back and comfort him! With your help I realized, I was not choosing to be alone or be together- either way, I was alone. Question was, was I going to be alone and take care of myself, or be alone taking care of him, as always?

    I ended up having to divorce the child in my husband, and the mother in me. Once you can do that, it feels so good to focus 100% on yourself and your needs, and not worry about what your abuser is thinking about you. I have had enough!

Learn what these women did, so that you can change your life, too!

Remember! Your physical health, your mental health, and also your financial health all depend on you having a clear mind and a sure life purpose!

It all comes down to seeing emotional abuse as control, not love, by using our book.

  • With this book, you'll learn three important life lessons:

    You can not live in humiliation, because it can destroy you;
    You need to be respected as a human being;
    You need to feel deeply appreciated and loved!

This is the book to make you learn from this abuse experience, manage it in the best way for YOU, and leave abuse behind so that you can sail on to happier relationships !

Recover From Emotional Abuse Book

'Healing from Emotional Abuse'
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